Easy to learn, hard to master

For Beer Cards, you need exactly
the right mix of tactics, experience, bluffing und luck. And beer.

You don't like to read?

No problem! You'll learn everything you need to know about Beer Cards in our 90 seconds video.

What does Beer Cards look like?

There are four card decks ...

... and there are four kinds of beer.

Of every kind, there are one to four beers

On the White Beer Cards ...

... on the Black Beer Cards ...

... and on the Free Beer Cards.

How does Beer Cards work?

I. Dealing

Everyone gets Black and White Beer Cards

In our example, you play against Susi. The Black Beer Cards are dealt
upside down ...

... and the White Beer Cards openly,
until everyone has seen them.*

* Remember your opponent's cards
as long as you haven't drunk too much.

II. Picking up

The players pick up their cards ...

... and two Free Beer Cards
are put openly on the table.

III. Playing

You play four rounds with your cards

In every round, you can play up to two cards and drink* as much as is printed on your cards.

* In the game. You can drink as much in reality,
but then the game won't last very long.

If your cards match the Free Beer Cards, you get additional free beer.

But heads up!

At first, everyone plays
their cards upside down* ...

* You read correctly: Nobody knows
the cards you play. Enjoy bluffing!

... turns them around in the end ...

... and if you drink the most,
you win the round and get
a Beer Barrel as a reward!

What now?


Two new Free Beer Cards are put on the table and the fun starts all over again.

New luck

After four rounds, all the cards are shuffled, dealt again, and the second game begins.

Beer king

At the end of the third game, the player with the most Beer Barrels wins or there is a Showdown* in case of a tie.

* At sundown, with revolvers and so on.Buy now


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