We are Rafael and Christoph, the makers of Beer Cards. A long friendship, complimentary talents, our love for games, and a passion for beer inspired our brandnew, custom card game.

Our main goal is to make it possible for everyone to share the fun, enthusiasm and satisfaction we feel when creating and playing games. That's why there's Beer Cards.

The development of Beer Cards

  • 2013 Beginning of the development,
    still under a different name
  • 2013
    to 2019
    Changes to the game principle and adjustment of the game mechanics
  • Feb
    Completion of the development and determination of a topic: beer!
  • Mar
    Finding a name for the game and designing new playing cards
  • Apr
    Hiring a professional artist: Patricia Käsbauer
  • Apr and May 2019 Trademark application at the German Trademark Office
  • Early May 2019 Publication of Bierkarten on the Web, Facebook and Instagram
  • Late May 2019 Finishing the design and
    starting pilot production
  • Jun 8th 2019 Premiere and test playing at
    the Degginger in Regensburg
  • Jun to Sep 2019 Playing events in Regensburg, Freising, Kelheim and Abensberg
  • Sep
    Start of our international
    Kickstarter campaign
  • Nov
    First worldwide
    shipping of the cards
  • Dec
    Official launch of
    our onlineshop